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Thread: Installer takes forever to refresh sources

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    Default Installer takes forever to refresh sources
    My installer is taking forever to refresh sources upon starting. Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions?

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    Having the same problem this morning. I've got several non-standard sources installed as well, so I though that was the reason. I ended up disabling Wifi and just using Edge and it loaded up perfectly fine within a few minutes. I suppose I'm having difficulty connecting to my home network, even though the strengths shows almost full.

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    mine hangs all the time now that all sources are installed prob just alot of sources to refresh

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    A lot of sources to refresh, and I'm sure not all sources are hosted on a DS3 backbone.

    I suggest you use the elimination technique to see which sources slow the refresh process down. Pain in the rectum, but... it's either that, or wait forever for sources refresh.

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    Thanks, I got rid of a some sources that i knew i would never use and that made a big difference.

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    My installer says " Could not refresh sources! " even though I have a full wi-fi single, and I removed every single source I had on there other then the AppTap Official, anyone run into something similar ?

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    I just installed the "All Sources" package, and I forgot to think about the refresh time.

    So now I am just sitting here typing, waiting for my Installer to refresh so I can delete all of the useless sources.

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    This usually happens when you have too many sources or an unstable or weak WIFI connection. Check your router and also try and move closer when refreshing.

    Hope I helped

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    Yeah refreshing sources is an ultra pain. What's worse is trying to look for something in the all apps category without an alphabetical search function.

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