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    Default problem

    today while ive been trying to install some apps onto my phone has been working fine, untill it tries to install

    it downloads fine, but doesnt just quits to the springboard when it tries to install them

    they are not showing up on my springboard, they do show up in launcher but nothing happens when i press on them and they have no icon

    i cant uninstall them from installer, but i can re-install them, but that doesnt work as installing them the first time didnt

    its just started today, installer usually works fine

    does anyone know how to fix this?

    (windows xp, itunes 7.5, 1.1.2)


    i can download summerboard themes and books, etc.. fine and they install, just no programs
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    Similar problem here, i'm using 1.1.1 firmware. Most things will not install for me. Customize won't install, MobileChat, MobileFinder, Term-vt100, etc. Similar problem, it gets through the download process and then when it is about to install it goes back to th Home screen.

    What's weird is that ToDoList and MobileCast weren't working for a while but then they finally did install a few days later. I have no idea what causes this.

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    anyone know how to fix this?

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    do you have BSD subsystems installed?

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    anyone found a fix yet?
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    I have BSD subsystems 1.5 Even tried reinstalling it.

    Still happens, about 90+% of install attempts end before the install is complete. I have no idea why.

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    I think it might be a read/write problem. When I've sshed into the iphone I've had problem copying files to it. It will say that there is not enough space, but that's obviously not true as I have almost the end hard drive free.

    here's the fix for the problem I had:
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    i got the same thing, just started last night. im on 1.1.1

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    yah same here 1.1.2 mac.....

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