Ok, so I had too many sources on my old installer, and since I couldn't find that file to delete in WinSCP, I decided to re-install my installer...

Now I used iLiberty+ to install the installer instead of ZiPhone.

It seems like the new installer kinda sucks... It doesn't have OpenSSH and the other plug ins that the older installer already had when I installed it...

Can you please tell me what other "apps" I must download in order for it to work properly other than openSSH and BSD Subsystem?


Now that I have the new installer, all the apps I previously installed, can no longer be uninstalled via the new one... I'm not worried about that, because I can delete them from WinSCP... what I'm worried about, are the updates... how am I gonna get notified?

Thanks a lot for the future answers! If you have any tips regarding this situation, please let me know!