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Thread: emai would not work after installing libert and installer help.

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    Default emai would not work after installing libert and installer help.
    after i installed ilibert and installer it would not let me setup my email with yahoo. i restored my itouch and it worked it was a pain to do so but it worked. i synced my itouch and put on all my songs like 7000 and it takes too long to do it again. i am currently reinstalling iliberty. has anyone had similiar problems? i just finished re installing the programs and it did it again. any help? i cant email when i do this
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    If you mean that the mail closes right after opening it, then yes, I have had the same problem. I just installed the Email and Sync Fix from the source. Now it works like a charm.
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    Default Im sorry I meant the email.
    No I can not even set an email account. It says my password is not valid. When I restored my phone it worked, but when I installed iliberty it deleted my email account and gave me the same problem. I installed ziphone and that worked.

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    I'm having the same problem with Yahoo. I don't want to restore my iPod either... so any other suggestions?

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    you might just have to do what I did and use ziphone instead of iliberty. Ziphone worked like a charm for me. Now I can get email on yahoo

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    I restored and got it to work.

    Now to install everything back............... damnit.

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    i just installed i-liberty on my ipod touch, and now when i open itunes, my ipod touch wont show up, can u help me with this.

    Everytime my ipod touch is connected to itunes it says an error x8000002 or something like that, can u help me with this?

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    i've just said this in another post. Restore your ipod and then jailbreak using WinPwn. whats the point in using iliberty and then having to install a fix to get it to work. just use something that works straight away.

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