Hi All.

Considering that there are now 2 different programs (soon to be 3 including Apple) that install programs on the iphone, would it be possible to make an app that could basically let both programs know of software that's been installed by the other? In other words, now when something is installed by Installer it no longer shows it in the 'Install' window, but if the same program was installed with Cydia it will still show up in Installer's 'Install' window. The same is true with Cydia, and for folks with poor memories like me, I end up sometimes installing a program twice, once from each install program!

It would also be nice if at the same time if it would be possible to list program currently installed in both Installer's 'Uninstall' and Cydia's 'Manage' selections this would be great. I'm not saying to be able to uninstall a program installed by the other, but just a listing showing that the program was installed by the other.

As an example, in Cydia's Manage view, if an app was installed with Installer, it could list the app name, with (Installer) next to it, and Installer could list an app with (Cydia) next to it.

Is this asking for too much? Would something like this be hard to do?

Thanks for any feedback in advance, and if an app like this already exists, please let me know where to find it!