Hello everyone,

I took some time to search round the forum for the solution and tried various things, but I can't seem to solve the problem. I'd really appreciate it if you can help me.

The situation is as follows:
iPhone 1.1.1 OOTB,
performed the jailbreak using the jailbreakme.com

So now I can get into the springboard, and the installer icon has appeared, however when I tap on it so I can start installing bsd, anysim, etc, it opens a blank window and then crashes. I've tried turning the phone off and on again, however that doesn't work, and holding the 2 buttons pressed didn't help either.

I read around, and someone posted a guide that if it crashes, to download it and transfer the files using Winscp. So I tried connecting with Winscp, and tried both passwords (alpine & dottie), port was 22, the protocol was SCP, and the ip was the one I read from the iPhone.

I've figured that possibly since BSD & SSH weren't installed, that is the reason I can't connect.

So the problem is that I can't install anything with the installer on the phone, and I need a way to connect to the phone and transfer the new installer files. I've read that iBrickr doesn't really work with 1.1.1, so what is the best way to overcome this problem.

Kind regards,