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Thread: installer acting funny

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    Default installer acting funny
    my installer keeps saying download package failed whenever i try to install anything. anyone seen this before? i think its happened to me before but it just went away after a restart. not having that much luck this time

    edit: seems to be one app in particular that makes everything say "failed" weird
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    OKAY. Read the Category title: APP LAUNCHES. Post your problem elsewhere, this if for new app threads only. Don't be stupid. I'm sorry, but it's simple common sense and common courtesy.

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    coudnt delete the post, which is why i edited it and left it do die. so dont reply to it and it will get deleted or moved, if you post to take a shot at me your just bumping it and promote it being on the main page.

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    Be nice boys..... I have had your problem sometimes. A reboot and a refresh of the Installer resources fixes the problem. Other times some Apps do not work with all versions. If thats the case. Install the 1.1.4 Compatibility Patch before trying to install the App that getting the Failing error. Uninstall and re-install the Patch before each problem App.

    You can fine the patch at a repository of Repositories.


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    I am having the same problems. It sucks, all the best apps wont work. And when I try to install compatability patch it also does not work.

    By reboot and refresh do you mean reboot the ipod and refresh source list.

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    yea i am having the same prolem. the ipodtouchmaster source is not working 4 me and i typed it in corect

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    Just clear the cache, if one applications fails it stays in the queue and keep sending error messages when you try to install other applications.

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    Ive cleared cache, reloaded STE, restarted installer and nothing changed.

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