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Thread: installer source help

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    Default installer source help
    Hi all i want to set up a installer
    source i have my own server i just dont
    know how to do the editing please help

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    You have two options:

    1: Setup a "file" based source like J. Loring, HighTymes and I have done
    2. Setup a PHP automated repository like STE has

    So for option 2 you need to setup your host to run PHP v5.x or above, at least according to STE. You should look at his source for more info.

    For option 1 you need to setup an xml file just like this one:

    Obviously the benefit of running a PHP based source is that it is very easy to update and add packages. For me, I run what's called a sandbox or test source, where I fully test each and every package (install, uninstall, upgrade) before I add it to my normal source.

    Edit: You need to have boatloads of bandwidth on your server. To put it in numerical terms, my source which is a very small source pulls about 8GB to 14GB per month in just the 40k plist file (my files are hosted by google). STE says he pushes about 750MB to 1GB per day in repo list updates, that is not counting the actual transfer for packages which I'd guess it a huge number.

    Edit 2: moved thread....
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    I think that I am very close but I need someone to look over my files to see whats going on and then maybe help me out a little bit. thanks


    P.S. the reason I'm doing this is so I can put up there because A LOT of people have been asking me to.

    P.P.S I have a website so if anyone knows how to run one off of there
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