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Thread: *NEW* CARNAVAL v0.7 - One-Click Jailbreak/Activate/YouTube/Installer for v1.1.1 ONLY!

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    Post *NEW* CARNAVAL v0.7 - One-Click Jailbreak/Activate/YouTube/Installer for v1.1.1 ONLY!
    I've mentioned two automated methods of Jailbreaking, Activating + YouTube + Installer. Please use whatever suits you best.

    JAILBREAKME.COM me method (Works on the iPhone, this method is OS independent)

    The new AppSnapp, comes with the latest Installer 3.0b + Community Sources + YouTube pre-installed.


    1. On the Activation Screen, slide ro the Emergency Screen.
    2. Type *#307# and hit Call, the phone will start ringing and diplay 1 Calling.
    3. Delete all the numbers from the top right of the screen and Call the number 0.
    4. Press Answer, Hold and then Decline.
    5. Go to Contacts and create a contact. In the Url field type prefs://1f and save it. Then add another URL and type and save it.
    6. Click on the prefs://1f and you can select your WiFi network. Exit by pressing home and then Dial and Call the number 0 from the emergency screen.
    7. Select the second URL called of the contact you created and and follow the Install AppSnapp. Wait for it to finish and reboot the phone when its done.
    8. Now follow Phase 4 to Unlock your phone.


    PACAY is now CARNAVAL - Activation for the iPhone 1.1.1 under Windows.

    CARNAVAL helps you with:

    * Jailbreak
    * Activation
    * Youtube
    * 3rd Party Software


    * CARNAVAL now installs the new version of
    * CARNAVAL now installs anySIM 1.1 (you can uninstall it through after you're done unlocking)
    * CARNAVAL now leaves your iPhone in compatibility with iBrickr and similar applications (full jailbreak)

    RW means Read/Write, it's a access directive that means that you can read and right files.

    P.S.: CARNAVAL will help you jailbreak your phone. It's an interactive process, though. Instructions will be given during execution. That's because you have to do some procedures yourself in the phone for the first part of the jailbreak (putting the symlink). Aside from that, CARNAVAL is mostly automatic.

    Author's Thread:

    Phase 4 :: Unlocking your iPhone using anySIM1.1p - Your are required to have a WiFi connection
    1. Run Installer and install BSD Subsystem & OpenSSH
    2. Download anySIM1.1p
    3. Extract the folder from anySIM-1.1p.rar onto a folder.
    4. Download WinSCP
    5. Check the IP issued by your WiFi for your phone, it should something like 192.168.xx.xx
    6. Run WinSCP and enter the IP as asked above, and put the username: root & password: alpine
    7. Wait for 30-35 secs and you will be asked to add a host key (big dialog box) say Yes
    8. After login into your phone, goto root -> Applications and copy the folder there and chmod all the files inside the folder to 0755 (by selecting all files and click on Properties)
    9. PowerOff your phone and put the original AT&T SIM
    10. PowerOn & now you will find the anySIM icon on your SpringBoard. Goto Settings > General > Auto-lock change it to Never.
    11. Run anySIM
    12. After it shows the "Successfully unlocked message". PowerOff your iPhone, put your own SIM inside and PoweOn.

    Tested and Working perfectly with a v1.0.2 to v1.1.1 upgraded phone
    and a OTB v1.1.1 phone. The best software out there ... yet!

    Recommend: Use iPhoneList software, it's the best iPhone Explorer compatible with v1.0.2 and v1.1.1
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    Is wifi required?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoovie View Post
    Is wifi required?
    Yes, to update Installer and download BSD + OpenSSH.

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    Smile Very Awesome
    Awesome Program, especially for Windows Users

    Worked Flawless, after using Virginizer, upgraded to 1.1.1, did the *#307# steps and just used this program and worked PERFECT... As we Say in Hawaiian "MAHALO NUI LOA" (Thank You Very Much)...

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    how do i unlock my phone after doing this method?

    i want to use it with another carrier, will anysim 1.1 work? if so how do i install it in my springboard?


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    i have the same question as paulomb... i have tmobile and in my situation i want to activate it or w/e i need to do to use tmobile then go back to at&t

    anyways, i tried it and it didnt work. followed instructions and when it says "was everything done OK so far?... press any key" and on my computer i get a pop up apparently from iphuc.exe saying "The procedure entry point CFCopyDescription could not be located in the dynamic link library QTMLClient."

    what should i do from there? and should i even be doing this or can i in fact go back to tmobile after doing this? lol

    and i tried both jailbreak links... yours and the mirror... same results with both

    oh and... im not sure if this is because of carnaval (because i never tried it before) but my iphone will not connect or even show up in itunes... im still on the "please connect to itunes, slide for emergency" screen but when i do connect it to my usb itunes pops up... but no iphone is detected... is this normal orrrr...
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    Hrm... so I followed the method, my phone is activated, the only 3rd party icon I have is an iTunes and Installer. What am I supposed to do now? Load anysim?
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    Ok thanks this script worked perfectly.

    However, Now I am trying to unlock the phone to use with a diff carrier. Everyone says "use AnySim1.1.1" but I cannot seem to find Windows instructions for that.

    Can you please point me to where I can get the information to Unlock this phone?


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    You should put minimum requirements for this install.

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    i can't seem to go to the site

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    hmm this is wierd.

    dont this via 2 phones

    does this unlock the sim too? ie anysimm..

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    ok i'm not sure if its me but i can't get the jailbreak url to load. i've tried about 5 different mirrors and the phone won't load any of them. how long should it take? seems to only stay on the url for maybe 2 secs and then is back to the home screen. according to the .bat file it has not been jailbroken... i'm not sure what to do. all those mirrors can't be down so what gives? thanks in advance

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    dsjef.. maybe click link 5+ times it works for me

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    so when you clicked it 5+ times (which i have... oh yes i have) how did you know it finally worked? what did it do differently

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    I strongly advise you ALL to use anySIM v1.1p patched by Zibree from iPhone-Elite. Also, use an AT&T SIM card rather than your own during the unlocking process.

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    the bat file u run from CARNAVAL Should let u continue

    Revan got a link handy?

    Current problem is that i unlock it and all

    just cant get anysim to unlock the ANYSIM part! hahaa
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    Default YouTube not working
    I used this method, and it worked for me. I did have to use a mirror site for the .tiff exploit though, I tried with the URL provided in the package and it never worked. Only problem I have had is that my youtube app will not connect. It gives me an error message. Other than that, everything has worked great.

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    so u got any sim card to work on it?

    my 00tube works fine just sim card :S

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    Im lost.. Can some1 please explain clearly how it works??

    Is this method right?

    Upgrade a V1.0.2 phone to V1.1.1
    Then use CARNAVAL
    Then use AnySIM V1.1.1 to unlock???

    Is that the process??

    Or do i have to virginize before upgrading to V1.1.1??

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    u can do either

    update is fine

    then use carnval BUT i cant get anysim to unlock it.. it says it has unlocked @ the end.. but i chuck my sim card it.. doesnt work! tried doing it with sim in throughout whole process and sim card with ATT but not workin

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