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Thread: Installing "installer 1.1.1" with Transmit or Cyberduck

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    Default Installing "installer 1.1.1" with Transmit or Cyberduck
    Hello friends

    Could any of you helpfull people please tell me how I can install the new Installer using either of the following:
    Independence 1.2.4

    I know how to use these apps but my snag with using them is the "permissions" part. If you could point to an existing guide or give me a step by step using any of the above apps, it would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate everything you have done to patiently assist we noobs in this.

    I had a virgin 1.1.1 iPhone and performed the downgrade to 1.0.2, used the "special method" to re-upgrade to 1.1.1 and ran the new anysim app to get an unlocked 1.1.1. Now I would like to be able to use AppTapp again.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can give.



    Well, I finally figured out why 33 people looked at my question and no one responded. It was either my question was too noobish and the answer was obvious or no one knew the answer.

    Here's what I did.

    1. I downloaded something called Installer 1.1.1.rar
    2. I doubleclicked it and unzipped it
    3. Opened iNdependence 1.2.4
    4. Clicked on the Customize tab
    5. Clicked on Applications
    6. Clicked on User
    7. Clicked on the +Add button
    8. Navigated to the unzipped Installer 1.1.1.rar folder and found Installer
    9 Double-clicked it
    10. Typed in my IP address and Password and it was on my iPhone's display
    11. Tapped the icon and it told that there was an upgrade, tapped "yes"
    12 The new installer appeared with a nice blue background and everything seems to work

    Anyway, assuming it wasnt a completely noob question, I though this might help others. Again, I am not one of the authorities here but this seemed to work for me.

    Should I be concerned that I did anything wrong? I guess sometimes you just got to try stuff and hope for the best.
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