I'm quite desperate about this, I've tried almost everything I found and nothing seems to work. I have an 8gb and two 16gb iphones and the same thing happens on all of them. Before I unlocked a few iphones with ziphone 2.6b and everything went fine, but now all these share the same problems, even after unlocking with ziphone 3.0:

1 - youtube won't load any videos, the list just appears empty
2 - installer.app just keeps refreshing for ages(sometimes it never finishes) and then there is no way to install any new source, since it will never finish dowloading.

I tried to set the phone on airplane mode, delete all the sources and then just add one manually but it still doesn't work. I've also performed lots of restorations to different firmware versions, set chmod 755 on Installer, etc etc but nothing works

A curious thing is that although I do everthing with ziphone, when I open Independence it says my phone is still jailed. Therefore I performed a jailbreak with Independence, installed SSH and tried to change the file PackageSources.plist and then run Installer, but still no success.

I have firmware version 1.1.4 on all the phones, and I'm using MAC OS software.

If anyone can give me any pointers I will be very grateful, I've lost a lot of time with this and I still don't see an end to it.