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Thread: Installer/apps busted after 1.1.1 update

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    Default Installer/apps busted after 1.1.1 update

    I took the plunge tonight and after a few scary hours I've got my iPhone on 1.1.1, PIN-locked SIM out of use. I just have a couple lingering problems:

    This appears to be normal so far, but all my previously-installed apps were still listed in Installer and had to be "uninstalled" before I could install them. Unfortunately, certain ones won't uninstall, such as Dock and Apache. They give script execution errors.

    I figure there may be an file that I could manually edit to remove the entries, and then re-install the apps?

    Edit: It's /var/root/Library/Installer/LocalPackage.plist, a plain-text file. The solution is as simple as searching for the application name and removing the entire entry between the preceding Dict bracket and its /Dict mate. I assume Very Bad Things will happen if you corrupt the file by making a mistake, but I don't have the stones to test it myself.

    The smart thing to do is have people do this as part of the upgrade/jailbreak/etc process so they don't have to manually remove entries later. Just kill everything between Array and /Array. Maybe even delete the file; Installer could be smart enough to make a new one if it's absent.
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    This would make a nice sticky.......... on how to remove prior apps after a new install......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayson9 View Post
    This would make a nice sticky.......... on how to remove prior apps after a new install......
    I hesitate to make a duplicate topic, but now that I've found the solution, I wish I could change the title to "removing broken entries from installer." Can mods do that? Would they bother? That way it wouldn't have to be sticky to be located easily by the search engine. In fact, typing "removing broken entries from installer" here may be enough to direct people to the information.

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    I was looking for how to do it..... and had a hard time finding it. Even if it was in a Wiki, I would not mind. Just needs to be somewhere "common" that others can find it easily who have the same problem and want to know how to fix. Alot of spam and off-topic crap gets put into these threads (like this post) which makes it hard to sift thru.

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