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Thread: Clueless in Houston - used iLiberty and have post-jailbreak questions

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    Default Clueless in Houston - used iLiberty and have post-jailbreak questions
    I see many, many threads that revolve around "Cydia", WinSCP, and ZiPhone. Unfortunately, I apparently missed the iPhone 101 thread and can't seem to find the one where it discusses how the phone is set up and what happens that makes all these apps work

    I went straight to iLiberty to jailbreak and install apps on my phone though - it seemed pretty straightforward, the only hangup I had was having to manually enable the ramdisk so iLiberty could do its thing.

    Installer appeared as a new icon and - WOW - it looks like I can just touch and load any of a number of apps through that interface. On the advice of another thread, I only installed the BSD subsystem (req to run OpenSSH, and vty-100. I assume that's to give terminal access to the BSD subsystem, so I can start the SSH server? I started this project because I need to install a more obnoxious SMS tone on the phone - one that is guaranteed to wake me up since I work the 11p - 9a shift at my job. The half-second dinks and doinks that came with the phone won't do that.

    In any case, since it all appears to be working, and I get work critical pages to my iPhone, I want to be sure I don't screw things up. Right now my main concerns are - is application installing and use as simple as running the program from the installer, and tapping the icons that appear in the workspace to run them? AND - I can't figure out how to make room for more icons, and don't know if that's an issue, or if you can just scroll down for the additional ones once you've used all the workspace.

    So to summarize, all I was really hoping to accomplish was:

    Loading my "air-raid-siren.mp3" as an SMS message tone (for this I understood that I needed to rename the mp3 to caf and put it in the 'sms tones' dir, unfortunately, I can't connect via winscp, and I assume it's because sshd isn't running and I can't figure out how to start it, or check it's status - I assume that's what the emulator is for - I'm gonna mess with that.)

    And where I'm at:

    Phone is apparently jailbroken by iLiberty, and I have installed the following: BSD subsys, OpenSSH, and VTY-100

    Any links to newbie threads or anything where I can get a base understanding of how the iPhone is setup or how all is supposed to work so I don't have to ask these stupid questions would be much appreciated.

    Sorry to bug everyone with what I'm sure are lame questions that have been asked differently in the past (which is why I couldn't find similar threads)

    Further frustrating my efforts are that "root" and "alpine" do not appear to be the username and password that vt-100 needs at the username and password prompts. Not really sure how to browse the file-system or start services if I can't login.

    and backspace doesn't appear to work either, just get ^H every time I hit it which really ratchets up the frustration level.

    Did I post in the wrong forum? Can anyone point me to a faq I missed that would answer some of my basic questions?

    What username and password is the system looking for when I start vt-100? 'root' and alpine or Alpine or ALPINE are not it.

    Is my assumption correct that the vt is the interface to the bsd subsystem/phone itself, and do I need to manually administer open SSH to allow for file-system administration as outlined in SEVERAL threads I have read?

    Did I correctly read that all I have to do to load a replacement SMS tone is rename my .mp3 file to .caf, and replace one of the existing tones with it (there is a max of 6 tones you can use for SMS I've read)?

    TIA and thanks for your patience as well.
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