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Thread: iPhoneUnlockUK - is this a rip off? looks like iLiberty+ for 30!

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    Default iPhoneUnlockUK - is this a rip off? looks like iLiberty+ for 30!
    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone give me advice about using iPhone Unlock UK - 1 Click iPhone Unlocking Software and what u get for ur money!?

    When I got my knock down iPhone from CPW I intended to unlock it for my orange SIM and looked about the internet for what looked like a reputable company. I came across iphoneunlockuk, offering one click software for ~30 and chose them cos they had a real shop in London that u could go to if anything went wrong but also cos they were offering lifetime support and free software updates for the one off payment. (I can't remember the exact wording but there was heavy inference that this would include support through iPhone2 software)

    Don't get me wrong -I'm very happy with what i got for the 30 and it worked, no problem. However, now I've found out a little bit more about the process it seems the software they supply is simply a branded version of iLiberty+ (says iPhoneunlockuk in the menu bar but otherwise looks the same and the package is called 'iLiberty+'). I'm surprised that this software seems (?) available for free download from, for example, this excellent site. However, I am prepared to accept they got me going and it was comforting to know there was some (!) support available! What's annoyed me today is an email saying actually the next version for working with iPhone 2 software will cost another 20! So, my questions are:

    -Are they anyway just selling someone elses ( hard work which seems anyway available for free from the generous authors?

    -Am I justified in feeling miffed they are not upgrading us for free? Anyone else remember the original promise?

    -Are they anyway just likely to charge me 20 to give me a new copy of iLiberty+ for iPhone2 software - that I could otherwise just download for free anyway when the time comes!?

    Surely ther must be more to it!

    Many Thanks


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    iLiberty+ is free for download....

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, yes thats what i mean....iPhoneunlockUK seems to just be repackaging something the real software writers are making available for free. Surely something wrong there....unless I'm missing something! I'm surprised no one else has commented....perhaps no one else has used iphone unlockuk

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    honestly I think no one else is stupid enough to pay anyone anything when a simple google search would give you free software availabilities. I think you should just forget about it and when pwnage or iliberty come out for 2.0 then use it for free!

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    Don't do it. I tried it and what they sent me was iLiberty+ and pwnage. After you pay for the deal, it takes you to a page that tells you not to upgrade your phone to 2.0, and that an unlock is coming out soon. On the home page, it states that their program unlocks firmware 2.0.

    It's nothing more than a scam. I had to call my credit card company and revoke the charge.

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    They suck. They just sell other people's software. If you paid for the update to 2.0, too bad for you seeing as they're using Pwnage tool and none off the money they make goes to developers who made it, even though they don't accept donations.

    IT'S A RIP OFF!!!!!! Everything on their site is a lie except the ability to unlock the iPhone ofc.

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