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    im not very... hacking literate, but i have had an 8 gig iPod touch for a few months. i jailbroke it with iLiberty+ but had a problem. i wanted to download summerboard but it was not even present in the installer. i am running 1.1.4 and have heard of many other problems with summerboard and 1.1.4 but not this one. i hope this is not too menial a question but if someone could help me i would really appreciate it.

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    Make sure that you have installed Community Sources. If you still do not see SummerBoard then I have no idea what's going wrong.

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    sorry to be so uninformed but what are community sources and how do i install them?

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    In the sources section of the installer application, you should find a package titled "Community Sources". After installing that, either go to All Packages or go to System and find the program called SummerBoard. NOT SummerBoard (Old). Then, go to the Sources tab, and enter this source:
    ********************/files/repo.xml (seeing as the source won't show up, go to ******************** and in the videos section, there is a video on how to jailbreak an iPod Touch firmware 1.1.4. Later in that video, he shows you his source).
    Let it refresh the sources and then go back to the Install tab and scroll down to the SummerBoard Fix section. Then install Smb Themes Fix. Now your themes will show up in SummerBoard after you select them. To get themes for SummerBoard, go into the Install Tab and scroll down to Themes (SummerBoard). There you can find some themes to start out w/. You can make your own themes, as well.
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    I just jailbroke and unlocked my phone with iLiberty! Having the same problem with themes not showing up in summerboard. What is the source to fix this issue?

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    i had a problem for a while to. my recommendation would be to re-jailbreak it and install cydia. from cydia install the installer appsnap app (just the regular installer) it should already have community sources installed for you, but if not symply go to installer, install, sources, install community sources. then go into all packages and search for summerboard. on 1.1.4 install just summerboard, NOT summerboard (old). to install summerboard themes, just go into themes (summerboard) category in the installer and and install which ever one you want. (they are all preset, to creat your own, either use themebuilder or customize 2.0)
    PM me for the sources for those. hope this help =D if it does, please hit the thanks button, if not, just reply and ill do my best to guid you through it more in depth.

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