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Thread: Jailbroke 1.1.4 with iliberty 1.2x, now stocks, weather, time won't allow me to add

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    Default Jailbroke 1.1.4 with iliberty 1.2x, now stocks, weather, time won't allow me to add
    Why is this?

    I used liberty+ on 1.1.4, jailbroke only, as I'm using ATT.

    I read something about needing to use terminal and do this:
    ************************************************. [FIX] Certain Apps Like Weather Not Saving Settings
    14.1. Use any terminal of your choice (WinSCP's, Term-vt100, etc.) and enter this code:

    chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

    but it says that folder does not exist on my phone.

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    Have you do on the Terminal a "cd /" (without quotes) first to ensure that you are in the root folder of your iPhone before try that command?

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    thanks, i just tried that and got the same error.
    cannot access blah blah, no suh file or directory

    I checked through iphonebrowser and the folder is definitely there.
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    But with what Term app are you doing that? Are you sure that you are connecting with the iPhone? Try this inside the Terminal:

    ls (that's a list command, you must see the root folder of the iPhone)

    If that works put the command: cd /var/mobile/Library/Preferences (to ensure that you are tipping the right path and if you don't receive an error message do a new "ls" to ensure you are inside.

    Term Commands are Caps and spaces sensible, if we change spaces for () only for ilustrate how is the right command, that makes:


    And I have no more ideas. (forever?) ;-)

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    I'M USING VT-1000 or something like that. I got it off installer.

    I'm not very command line savy, honestly I hate that ****.

    Does this need to be done on the computer while tethering to the phone? Or can I do it from the phone?

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    you can definitely use term-v and enter the command on the phone

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    If you have a Mac you can do it with the OS Terminal, if have a PC with Putty.
    You must have ssh and wifi activated and to go inside the phone (don't needs docking) you must type:

    ssh root@(

    When Term ask for password, that's "alpine".

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