Hey guys need a little backup. So I've been into repairs for a couple years now. Wouldn't call myself a vet but I've done quite a few phones. All successfully. So here's the problem. A friend of mine asked me to fix his 5S. I replaced the screen with one of the parts I usually get from my distributor. The phone is back in working action. No problems. He breaks it. I fix it again. He tells me that the LCD is doing all kinds of weird display issues, the white lines, the distortion. Things that can usually be solved by a battery cycle. I meet up with him and he's broken the screen. I don't have a white screen so I replace the screen with a black one. It works just fine for two weeks. I finally get my new parts and have ordered him a OEM white 5S screen, just for him after the LCD issue, I replace the new OEM white 5S screen and almost immediately the white lines start appearing. So for about five hours I start to work on this phone trying everything I can including putting two other screens on this phone and other tricks, trying to get this phone operable. Nothing is taking. So I tell him I want to keep the phone overnight. I charge it the next day and replace the part with the OEM white 5S screen. It works. I drop it off to him and then today. Five days later. He reports the same issue. Honestly I'm not certain what to guess. I'm thinking the connects on the logic board are possibly the issue?? After so many parts have been put on it? I don't keep a magnifying glass handy but the pins looked in good condition. Is there anything anybody else out there can think of that causes this?