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Thread: SIM card not recognized, no IMEI, no Modem-Firmware version

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    Question SIM card not recognized, no IMEI, no Modem-Firmware version

    I don't know why my iphone 5s doesn't recognize my SIM card anymore. It only shows "searching ..." in the left upper corner.

    In the settings menue there is no IMEI and Modem-Firmware is blank.

    I have iOS version 7.0.4 jailbroken with evasi0n 7. So I want to avoid a iOS upgrade

    I tried semi-restore, but now it can not be activated anymore

    If I remove the SIM there is no message that it has been removed. It still shows "searching ..."

    1. Is this a hardware problem and can it be repaired?

    2. If I send it to Apple anyone knows if the iOS version of the new iPhone can still be 7.0.x?
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    You should take it to Apple for replacement, hardware problem 99 %. Only thing you could try to do yourself, would be restore and that means only 7.1.1. So, I think it is better to get a new iPhone, even without jailbreak.

    EDIT: Actually, since it is jailbroaken, you could lose the chance for replacement, so do a restore first, to get rid of jailbreak and than straight to Apple
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    hm, sounds not too good

    The Baseband chip can not be replaced?

    hm. I guess I will send it to Apple. Perhaps I will get a 7.0.x iphone

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    Tried to restore in DFU mode today, but that gives me error 3 at the end :/

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    Well, error 3 in most cases is a hardware error, so, funny as it sounds, you are on the right way. Straight to Apple and get a replacement.
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    damn it, 7.1

    Luckily I still have my iPhone 5 on 7.0.4, but the camera and flashlight is broken, but I don't use the camera on the iphone.
    So, I will use my old iPhone 5, because there is the eli7e theme

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