I recently had to do a restore after suffering the Stuck Reboot Loop from hell and am in process of slowly getting back to where I was.

One thing I cannot find that is gone is the stock Clock/Alarm App & Icon. I may have deleted out of iFunbox when I was trying to delete some .plist & .dylib files that I thought were causing the stuck boot loop and now I cannot find this anywhere. I fixed the loop problem by using Semi-Restore and then had to restore a 6 month old back up, but I know the app and icon was there. I have been loading back up on previous tweaks etc. and the ones that don't fit my ios 5.1.1 were causing the loop so I did the Semi-Restore after learning this again and restored again and this time it's gone.

Not in Spotlight Search, not in a hidden folder or page, tried going into Settings and Restrictions Allow/Disable and also SB Settings unhide. No trace of the app.