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Thread: iPhone 4S won't charge but will barely sync, what do I do?

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    Question iPhone 4S won't charge but will barely sync, what do I do?
    I bought an iPhone 4s (Model A1387) a week ago and has never charged, I was able to restore it successfully through iTunes after a few times with error messages.

    I thought the battery was dead so I ordered a new one, I put it in and it had a little charge left on it so it worked for a few hours. I plugged it into my wall charger and the icon at the top right corner showed that it was fully charged. When I unplugged it the battery was at red. I replaced the dock connector, plugged it into the wall charger, and got the same results as before.

    If I connect it to my computer iTunes will freeze until I unplug it. I have tried charging it through my iHome system and through my computers back USB ports with the iPhone saying its fully charged. The iPhone has an unresponsive touch screen but I ordered one and should get it in the next couple of days. I need this iPhone to work, it doesn't look like the logic board has any wear on it. Does anyone know why it won't charge?

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    I'll go ahead and move this to a more apropos section.

    Assuming the replacement battery and dock connector are known good parts (as well as the USB cord and the various USB ports)... my intuition points to a bad main logic board.

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    Most likely you need a new charge/dock port. The part is pretty cheap and is simple to replace. If you have never done a repair before.. I'd be cautious on doing it yourself though.

    RoseCity (Ebay) has VERY high quality dock ports.. by far the best I've seen. I've used over 100 of them and only came across 3 or 4 bad ones.

    (I get them way cheaper than $9.99, but this is a good deal for a 1 time repair)
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    The fact that it shows the phone being fully charged makes me think it was a battery issue before and that your replacement was bad also. I'd try 1 more battery before killing it off. Also, and I know this sounds weird, but try replacing the rear camera. I've had the issue twice now where a 4S wouldn't charge or would overheat and take forever to charge and it was because the rear camera was shorting something out. If the next battery doesn't work swap out the camera and see if that fixes the problem.

    Here's a link for the camera:

    Here's a link for the battery:

    Let us know how it all goes.
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