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Thread: iPhone 4S repeatedly turning off and on

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    Default iPhone 4S repeatedly turning off and on
    Hello guys, i'm running into a problem and need you guys to help me solve it.

    I replaced a screen on an iPhones 4S, i put it back together and everything was perfect. I then dissambled it completely to fix the power button that was stuck. After putting it back together, the iPhone repeatedly turns on (up untill the apple logo) and off until the power is completely drained. I figured it was a problem with the battery so i went ahead and ordered another one but after installing it, the problem persists.

    What can it be and how can i fix it?

    Thanks in advance!
    - heatrepeat

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    I appreciate any help.
    Thanks guys.

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    I'd check a couple things.

    First off, it could still be the battery. I get more defective batteries than anything else I stock
    Second, try the charging port. If it is feeding the wrong amount of power into the board all kinds of crazy **** can happen.
    Third, Connect the board and the charging port by themselves and see if the issue happens, if not connect the power button cable, if it is still working properly connect the front camera, and then the audio flex. You don't have to do them in that order but it's really just a process of elimination. If they all work fine without the battery then you know you got a bad battery. If the issue starts after plugging in a specific cable then replace that cable.

    Let us know how it works out.

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    I've tried all of that.

    Can it be the screen i replaced that came faulty? & is causing the issue?

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    Sounds like it could be a dock issue. Sometimes when you have a bad dock you can get all types of weird things. The most common is a boot loop (which is what you are experiencing) and recovery loop. Also you might be able to force it into recovery mode and kick it out using tiny umbrella. Sometimes that will kick out any bugs that there is and work better than a hard reset itself.

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    had something similiar with a iphone 5, wouldnt turn off completely. something was wrong with the charging port

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