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Thread: [iPhone 4] Black screen after multiple replacements

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    Default [iPhone 4] Black screen after multiple replacements
    Hello guys and gals,

    I have an iPhone 4 with an odd problem.

    The front and rear panel were broken, but the LCD screen still worked, although it was shattered pretty good. After replacing the display it now comes up with an all Black screen! The backlight is still working, and so is the phone itself because after turning it on it vibrates or makes a sound when it's plugged in. I've tried resetting (not restoring) and even with DFU mode I can't get an image. When connected to a computer it's recognized like it should.

    The thing is: after encountering the problems, I checked using 2 other screens, 1 screen being the old broken display. Nothing shows. I've cleaned the contacts as well.

    During the disassembly the small screw mount for the EMI shield came loose. Since this is very close to the connectors and supporting components I'm suspecting this has caused the problem.

    Is it possible to be repaired? This certainly isn't the first iPhone I've repaired, and I've been careful not to nick anything. I'm thinking the violent drop caused the screw post to break loose, but stay in place by the EMI shield. During the disassembly it wasn't kept in place and now these problems are here. I still have the screwpost.

    The phone didn't have waterdamage, although it was pretty dusty inside.

    I'll post a picture in about an hour.
    I repair iPods as a hobby.

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    I would ask Cowboy directly if you don't get any more responses here. I've had this happen but I resolved it with cleaning the connectors and ensuring my flex cables were properly lodged. Clearly you've tried these already and it still is a problem. I'm not sure how the screw mount for the EMI shield would affect the screen function, but maybe I'm not remembering correctly how it correlates to the part.

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    did you sort it out or not yet?

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