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Thread: replaceing the midplate on iphone 4

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    Default replaceing the midplate on iphone 4
    has anyone on here replaced the midplate frame on their iphone 4 im buying an green one and would like to kno if anyone had a guide or video maybe
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    I would think this would be rather difficult. I have never done this myself,but I imagine it would not be fun. Also I have not seen a video for this. Sorry for the lack of help

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    I have done it. It is super difficult you must take your time and go slow ill see if i can't find you a tutorial

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    that would be great if you could ive looked everywhere and cant find anything

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    Stray almost did it and chickened out. It looks hard

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    maybe i dont need a colored midplate haha thats a lot of work i may try it if i get up the courage up tho ha

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    Its not a quick process but if done right it works good and makes the phone pop 10X more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
    Oh my.... Did Simon just say use a brush to paint it?
    That is hillllllarious!! Glad you said "JK" after, someone would have taken you seriously and tried it.

    Cowboy, nice job on those HELPFUL links

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    lol, of course I was joking
    LOL! I bet it would make for some good photos?

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    Depends how good of an artist the person is I guess lol

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    Here is a SW-Box video that should give you a nice idea of an iP4 midframe replacement.
    How to Make iPhone 4 Gold - YouTube

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    its more time consuming than anything. just layout the screws and pay attention. everything is glued down so if not careful its easy to rip a flex cable.

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    For me, the best thing is to goto techrestore and download the PDF screw removal (take apart)chart top right corner of the home page. When you get to the really fun stuff, have a second copy ready, and S L O W is your keyword. Some of thoes tapes are fragile and the thin wires inside of them CAN break. If you are awesome (not just good) with a soldering iron, you CAN fix the tiny stuff. just so you know.

    805 93003, great flick and kudos to the guy who did it!

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