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Thread: If anyone can help a noob in need, please. Battery.

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    Default If anyone can help a noob in need, please. Battery.
    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask if someone can help me out. I have red 50 pages so far and did not find exactly what I needed or was looking for. So here goes.....

    I have the Iphone 3gs and was having problems. Every time I would open up an app the phone would shut down. So I did the most recent update and still the same thing. I could not turn it back on unless I plugged it into a power source. Even after it charged over night. So I went out and got a new battery and put it in as the directions stated. Well I missed the 3rd cable and it pulled out and the clip is still on. I replaced the battery and all the cables back on then i had the apple screen on with a circle rotating but would go no further. I took it apart again put it back then had a white screen so I took it apart again and assembled it and now I have sound and vibrate but I have no screen it is black.

    Can someone help me out please? Thank you so very much, Mike......

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    You may have fried the lcd and need a new one

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    On the 3GS I have learned the hard way that you should never open up a phone while the phone is turned on, on the 3G it's slot simpler, the connector for the LCD on the mainboard of a 3GS is extremely fragile and removing the LCD cable from the mainboard should not be handled roughly, I hate to be so frank but my guess is the new LCD is a 50/50 chance,

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    I have replaced the whole assembly, and when i put the 3 clips back into place, the phone came right up. find someone else with a good iphone 3gs and ask them to try your display. that way you will know if it is the display, or maybe just reassembly gone wrong somewhere.

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