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Thread: Took apart my 3g

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    Question Took apart my 3g
    Hey guys, I took apart my 3g to fix my iphone. Well here is the story before the problem. Well My home button is broken and i needed to fix it, so i was takling to my friend about it, he thought he knew what he was doing so we went he opened it and it was too dark so i just said just close it and il do it at home. He said he felt something hit his hand when he opened it but we couldnt find anything! So i get home and open it myself, took forever to open but first few times i didnt snap the 3 ribbons in correctly, completley said **** ribbon 3 for now cause i will have to open it again to do the Getho alum foil fix for home button later. First time i opened it the screen was black and wouldnt light up but i heard the phone making sounds, second time the phone light up but had no touching response, then i fixed all that and now the phone makes no sounds, wont charge or be recogonized by computer, and my home button still hasnt been fixed yet . Here is my problem ill show a pic first.

    Arent i suppose to have a #4 ribbon? Hmm i think i figured out why it wont charge and what hit my friends hand when he opened it.

    What now? Can anyone help?

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    Yes I can clearly see the number 4 on the bottom right of your LCD. What is missing is the ribbon cables that are attaching all of it to the dock connector. Short fix is this. You have to buy a new dock connector assembly. There are very good tutorials and videos how to replace it. Please note this involves removing the logic or motherboard and depending on your skill level, may be a involved task. My recommendation is find some one skilled at this type of repair to do the job. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Thank you! i will check out the videos and tutorials and see if ill be able to do it. wish me luck because i dont really know anyone in my area that can do this.

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    Np. The dock connectors are cheap. May I suggest that in the future take the phone apart using a suction cup. It seems that it was pried open at which tore off the ribbon cable. When you remove the mobo place the screws in order they are different sizes. And finally make sure you ease the camera out and gently remove 5 and 6. In fact all the ribbon cables are easily damageable.

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    I just ordered one OEM off ebay for 10$. But Thats the thing though! I used a suction cup! I dont know how it happened. When my friend opened it halfway we stopped and put it back togther, I heard my phone get a text and i called myself and it rang but the screen didnt work, after opening it again a few times I only then realized that their was something wrong around ribbon #4 or whatever, no sound, no dock connection or whatever, and I couldnt hear anyhting through big speakers or lil speakers on the phone. It was my first time opening an iphone so yeah. But now i know much better. I still cant figure how it happened.

    Also is their anything else i should replace while i ahve the phone apart? Could i replace the home button while im at it or just use the alum foil trick?
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    Weird, I've never seen the ribbon stuck to the back of the LCD like that. Normally there is nothing sticky on the back of the dock connector flex where it touches the LCD.
    I think if you replace the home button, you'll have to remove the digitizer from the frame.

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    Yeah I said the same thing! I was like uh.. it isnt suppose to be stuck there? But idk. I guess i will just try the aluminum foil trick for home button because i dont wanna mess with heat gun or hair dryer

    Update, still waiting for the lower dock connector to arrive. When it does lets hope for the best

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