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Thread: Handset speaker and vib 3gs

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    Default Handset speaker and vib 3gs
    Ok so got a free 3GS 32gb needed the LCD, changed it and all is good with that but now the speaker for a reg phone call (not speakerphone) will not work! Plug in headphones they work (and the prox doesn't) when no head phone prox works, thats what is to happen. So do I need a speaker or ribbon 3? Also the vibe setting is on but it wont when it rings. Any suggestions?

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    Hmm have you tried doing a software rest?

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    I think, not to good on the software end of it but I held the home and lock button and shut it down then back on and nothing, then went into settings and hit reset all delete all, backed up with the comp and same problem

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    Yeah i would say replace the speaker phone

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    It's not the speaker phone it's the one as if you held it to your head to talk

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    Thats the one i am talking about

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    Where do you get just a speaker?

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    amazon,muchbuy, theres lots of places

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    Can't find just the speaker

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    ok well there out there so do a harder search like ebay

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    Is it an easy swap?

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    Is there someone I can send my phone to that can fix it and send it back?

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    Yeah me lol

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    How much for the speaker and vib fix?

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    Speaker 30 bucks vibrator dependng if i have to switch the flex ribbon another 30.

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    Plus shipping to and from where?

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    Owasso Oklahoma

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    That's a bit steep for a 10 dollar speaker

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    Well up too u

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