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Thread: iPhone 4 LCD removal

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    Default iPhone 4 LCD removal
    I have seen photographs of two separate individuals easily removing the LCD from the front glass on iPhone 4. In these cases the LCD had a simple adhesive around the edges of the LCD, not binding the entire surface of the LCD to the front glass digitizer just the edges. The reapplication of the old LCD to the new front glass digitizer was very simple to align and press back together.

    On this site and all over the web, everyone says the front glass and LCD are fused together and impossible to separate. Hundereds of documented cases of it can't be done, but not one photo showing proof of this so called impenetrable adhesive. On this forum several individuals have replaced their front glass, and several have done the White Screen conversion, but no one seems to have re-used the good original LCD.

    Could someone with a cracked iPhone 4 screen please document with photos this horrible adhesive that prevents easy LCD removal.


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    Don't have any pics because I've already thrown the parts away but I can tell you the factory LCD and glass are next to impossible to separate. I have fixed 3 to date and have tried with all 3. I do not see how it could be done without breaking the LCD. My guess is the photos you saw were from a phone that had already been repaired with 2 separate pieces.

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    Only one way to find out man... Do some research and try it yourself. Most likely it's not gonna happen.
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    Here is a pic from an iPhone 4 screen. You can see the glue on the lcd from the piece of glass I removed. That glue is covering the entire lcd. Just getting that little piece took some heat and care not to break anything. I'm not saying with enough heat, time & patience that it would be completely impossible but the chances of not breaking the lcd when attempting to do so would be very slim. They are just like the 2g iPhones which are nearly impossible to separate and I'm sure the older the phone the more hard the glue is going to be.
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    some people buy a screen and lcd seperatley. and make it seem liek its easy to replace. or maybe using the 2 make them easier to replace in the future.

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