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Thread: 3G won't stay off

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    Default 3G won't stay off
    Ok, got a 3G off of Craigslist the other day. The guy said it wasn't working, but I got it, charged it, and it fired right up. But it started wanting to turn off while in use (the slider would come up to power off, I'd just press cancel). I did a restore (downgraded to 4.0.1), and now it will not turn on except to go into recovery mode, or if I boot it out of recovery mode, it will go into a continuous boot up, then turn off. I can hard power off, but when it it plugged in, it won't stay off (keeping me from getting into DFU mode). When I try to do a regular recovery again, I get error 1604. I have cracked it open partway so I can access the power button, but that doesn't seem to be stuck down when I depress it without the button.

    I tried a few different solutions for the 1604 error, like killing itunes when the restore seems to hang, and reinstalling itunes.

    What could be wrong? Since the initial restore worked, and it is still trying to power off and on by itself, I think it must not be an OS problem, but a hardware problem. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, it is definitely a hardware issue, cannabelize for parts.

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    Have you tried entering DFU with it unplugged?

    Turn it off
    Hold both buttons
    When you see the apple logo let go of power, continue to hold the home button
    When it says connect to iTunes it's in DFU
    Now connect it to a computer and try and pray hard

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    I'd say try to replace that flex cable with the power button. I believe it's part of the audio jack flex cable. If that replacement doesn't fix it, then perhaps it's within the main board.

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    @shanejoe - I've tried that many, many, many times. I can get into regular restore mode fine. Weird, it seems like I can do a hard shut down by holding both buttons, but can never get the 2/10/30 second timed stuff that different guides try to walk a guy through to enter dfu. I've done it on my other phone many times with no problem.

    @puma.leaf, thanks for the tip, but I'm more a software guy than hardware. If it needs that, I think I'd rather sell it.

    At the moment it works ok as long as I plug it in when I want to turn it on (if it's not plugged in, will just do an endless boot logo/crash cycle).

    Thanks all!

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    Haha solution
    Recboot will push it into recovery mode

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    yeah, lots of apps will do that - but DFU mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanejoe View Post
    Haha solution
    Recboot will push it into recovery mode
    Download Recboot on to your pc, connect iDevice, open Recboot and push it into recovery mode(DFU) then use iTunes to restore as a new iDevice do NOT restore from backup

    The problem your experiencing could be part of what iTunes is backing up if you restore from backup so don't

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    FWIW, here is the workaround I landed on:

    restored to original iphone fw (no DFU, no so can't load CFW).

    Borrowed an att sim card to activate,

    Jailbroke at

    From cydia, installed insomnia. Insomnia so far (after a few hours of testing) seems to keep it from going into the boot logo/crash cycle it used to go into. Shortened battery life, but a pretty functional 3g. Also can only turn it on by plugging it in, but how often does a guy really turn these things off, once you got them all set how you like 'em, eh?

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    Should the post be titled 3G Won't Stay On lol

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