How to use internet tethering on your iphone for $2.00.
(Use at your own risk remember who you’re dealing with its AT&T aka “Death Star”)
Turn on computer.
You should install your device to the computer. (Apple Mobile Device Ethernet)
To do this connect your phone using USB connection from your device.
Your computer should create a local area connection for (Apple Mobile Device Ethernet)
Restart computer to install completely.
Using your Jail broken Iphone install the following from Cydia.
First install TetherMe ($1.99)
Then install SBSetting Tethering (Free) followed by
Internet Tethering (Free).
Respring your phone.
Go to setting click on general > network then look for internet tethering.
You should see an option for on/off click on select Bluetooth.
This should only be asked once thereafter simply turn off and on.
Your wireless adapter connection needs to be on.
Look at your phone if a blue banner appear in the upper portion of your device stating internet tethering is on you are good to go.
If you are having difficulty or not getting visual voice mail on your iphone do not panic, there is a easy fix.
From your iphone or device click on safari and open a new page
Get The Updated MobileConfig File
You can download the corrected MobileConfig and install it by clicking the link below from mobile Safari on your iphone. Remember to REMOVE THE PROFILE FIRST! (Settings > General > Profiles). Be it Cingular, AT&T or
Respring your phone.
Remember this works on my device which is a iphone 3GS version 4.0.1 firmware 5.13.04 using AT&T service)