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Thread: how to fix GPS ?

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    Default how to fix GPS ?

    I have an iphone 3g ios 4 . I have hactivated my iphone and because of that my GPS isn't working .i have tried pushfix and pushdoctor and it fixes youtube but still no GPS.
    once I restored it to 3.1.2 and gps fixed but after i synched my iphone it stoped again(i didn't use backup)

    so is there any other options To fix my problem?
    please help me , I really need it


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    Well I'm gonna TRY and help but when u say ur gps isn't working, does that mean not working at all or that it's inaccurate? I also have a 3G jailbroken with sn0wbreeze but NOT unlocked. My gps was REALLY inaccurate with openssh installed. I searched around and found that when I UNINSTALLED openssh, it made my gps a lot more accurate. Not perfect but a whole lot better. Not sure if this helps or not. Good luck

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    Thanks but I found something very wierd!!!

    my GPS only works between 6.00 pm and 7 pm very accurately but anytime other than that it is very inacurate (only uses celltower to find my location)

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    ok, this may or may not work for you, and I know it all sounds like it shouldn't make any difference at all, but it worked perfectly for me when my GPS decided to be totally inaccurate and even a fresh install without a jailbreak didn't fix it.

    This is copied/pasted directly from the web to a text file I saved. I no longer have the website, nor do I remember where I got it, so if anyone can point it out, I will happily give credit where it is due! I did not come up with this!

    I could see only a blue circle with accuracy in miles (GSM and WiFi location) and no pulsing blue dot with exact position. After many hours with mr. Google I can see a blue dot again and GPS work fine. No restore, backup or downgrade needed.
    I THINK the solution is:
    1. Settings -> General -> Lock -> Set to Never
    2. Settings -> General -> Network -> turn 3G off
    3. Settings -> General -> Location services turn off
    4. Settings -> Wi-Fi turn off
    5. Restart your iPhone (turn off and on)
    6. Go out with no trees and buildings to make GPS signal accurate
    7. Turn on Location services in Settings -> General
    8. Start Google Maps and wait for a few minutes, be patient. I waited for a 12min.
    9. I hope you see a blue dot pulsing
    10. Restart
    11. Turn on 3G, restart, turn on WiFi (if you need), restart
    12. After last restart the GPS signal receive in seconds and from that time my iPhone works fine for a several days

    Anyway, despite how it sounds, it worked 100% for me, and has worked everyday since.

    Good Luck!

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    Ok so I tried the post above and surprisingly it worked!!! Gotta admit I went in pretty skeptical but came out pretty happy! I also have another suggestion that worked for me. I don't know if the above post and my suggestion are related (as I did the above posts method FIRST) but here goes...

    If you have Sbsettings, toggle off 3G BEFORE opening google maps. The map will then triangulate your position pretty rapidly on the EDGE network. Once it does and you see the pulsing blue dot, open Sbsettings again and toggle 3G back on.

    I would do the method in the above post first since it seemed to clear whatever issue i was having to start with then try the sbsettings for faster triangulation in the future.

    This was done on my iPhone 3G jailbroken on iOS 4.1 with sn0wbreeze by the way. Hope that helps someone...

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    it didn't work for me still no gps

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    If the problem is actually related to hacktivating, consider spending $10 on a native SIM card for the iPhone, then restore/jailbreak again. The native SIM will get you past the emergency call screen connected to iTunes, then you can download ultrasn0w, reinsert your alien SIM, reboot and connect to iTunes it will activate.

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