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Thread: Modding older iphones to iphone 4G model

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    Default Modding older iphones to iphone 4G model
    ive been thinkign about this and i was wondering if i had an old iphone 3g..or just any other model of the iphone other than the 4g or even possible an itouch if i could disassemble for instance my iphone 3g and put everything in a iphone 4g shell so it would obviously look like an iphone 4g but wouldnt have face time..ect...i was just wondering if it was possible?

    if it was i probably will attempt it

    tahnks if you could shed some light tho

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    Doubt you could do it. The logic boards are 2 completely different designs and sizes...the frame on inside has different screw points as well/ I would research there first

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    inner parts from older phone will not fit inside the iphone 4 shell, period

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    alright so its a def no?

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    You could probably do it but it would cost you a load and be a complete waste of time and money. Stop being a wannabe and go buy an iPhone 4!
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    Well it would be way to much work and most parts won't even act like it could fit. Screens are different sizes and the iPhone 4 is the thinnest phone so good like trying to cram bigger and bulkier pieces into a smaller shell. So I am going to go with a no and it would be a waste to try

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