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Thread: Iphone 3g droped in water

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    Default Iphone 3g droped in water
    i have a 3g iphone that was droped in water at home
    what can i do?
    i saw a guide for 2g droped in water and the solution was to dip the mothherboard in alcohol, can i do it with 3g also?
    or should i try something else?
    i didn't try turning it on so i can't tell you what it does when hitting power button

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    If you know how to open the phone, do that to speed drying. DO NOT TURN IT ON!

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    I saw this a while back...basically: 1. Don't turn the phone on. 2. Remove the SIM card. 3. Put iPhone into a bag of uncooked rice for a few days.

    YouTube - iPhone water damage - steps to take if it happens to you

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    Submerse it into 97-100% alcohol. Get isopropyl alcohol closest to 100% (I got 99% and it worked great). The reason for the alcohol is to wash out and evaporate the water and minerals quickly. Keep phone submersed in it for at least 15 minutes. Then set the phone completely covered with either rice or silica gel (silica gel is faster acting but a bit pricey--about $10). Let it sit for 1-5 days depending on how much water got in the phone. Whatever you do, don't turn it on and don't blow dry it. Turn it on to check only after a whole night of sitting in rice/silica gel. If it's not completely cleared up, leave it in for a couple more days.

    Edit: oh yeah, like ^ said, remove the SIM and tray.
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