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Thread: iphone 4 camera doesn't autofocus

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    Default iphone 4 camera doesn't autofocus
    my iphone 4 camera works well but it doesn't want to autofocus! i've tried rebooting and restore. still not working, i tap to focus, i only see the blue square but does not focus.

    what should i do?

    could this be the camera itself?
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    Mm sometimes it doesn't always focus on what you want, it's not exactly a very advanced camera. But for a cell phone it's pretty good. Like I noticed it will focus really good on a piece of paper with writing on it but it can't focus on the tip of a pen (yes I've been playing with the camera). So I don't think anything is wrong with your phone, you just can't expect a 100% focus effectiveness with this phone.

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    It doesn't autofocus at all, at anything.

    And I can't bring it to AppleCare cause I've converted my iPhone to white. Could it be the camera? If that's the case I'll buy a new back camera. But if it's the motherboard, then that's a different story..

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    well, it wouldn't hurt to order a new camera and try since you cannot bring it into the Genius Bar. Or you could try converting it back and bringing it in if it is easy enough for you.

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    i just found out my front and back camera doesn't autofocus at im guessing its not the camera... it was working earlier this morning, and randomly just cannot be because its jailbroken, cause my iphone 4 was jailbroken since i bought it a month ago.

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    the front camera is not supposed autofocus, it just adjusts the light settings. I hope you get things figured out, and like I said, it wouldn't hurt to try another camera just to be sure.

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