I have a 3G that is jailbroken and unlocked.

I have been having issues with the screen recently. The phone likes to play this game called 'You're not touching me, but Ima gonna freak out anyway" where the screen will either not respond to touch inputs and the home button does not activate the screen after I receive a text.

My phone will randomly act like I hit the power or home button and the screen locks with the slider at the end of the unlock bar.

When I text people, it usually locks after I receive a reply. Neither button works. I have to hold the power and use SBSettings to respring in order to unlock the phone and get to my text.

Is this a hardware or a software issue. Both maybe?

I bought the phone used on craigslist. It looks as though it has been opened before. The left side of the case is cracked at the screw on the usb port side.

I keep looking on CL for someone who buys for parts to trade for a functioning one.