Hi one1,
update on thread:

I got an Ipone 2g from a friend that would not turn on to use it as parts to fix my Iphone. What I found out about my friends Iphone was that the screen was burned and that the headphone jack flex cable was bad.

So I decided that I'm going to fix my friends Iphone and my own.

About my own Ipone:
I used my friends mid-board on my Iphone and everything is back to normal working fine.

About my friends Iphone:
I ordered one screen, one connector with mike and speaker attached,(to fix the old md-board) and one headphone jack flex cable.

I replaced the jack flex cable and all went well. Here is the problem:
Test it on my own Iphone and the result is that all buttons works normally but no sound from speakers. I put the headphone and I can hear all sounds. Put back my own cover and all is ok(speaker and headphone). So propably I've installed the cable bad or there is something defect with the cable. I've stopped here and haven't installed the connector yet untill I solve the jack cable problem.
Any advise what I should be troubleshooting for or what I might be overlooking? Thanks Biro