I have a 16Gb iPhone 3G running 3.1.2 right now. Previously I had been running it with 4.0.1 until I started having the same issues I continue to have so I thought downgrading might help, which didn't. I also tried using a ATT sim that was legit with my iPhone with factory settings, no jailbreak, and still had the problems.

Whenever I lock my iPhone for more than a few seconds it will not come back on when I try to unlock it by hitting the top lock button. It will stay black, and I have to do a hard reset so that I can get back into my phone. If it is hooked up to a power source though I can unlock it just fine.

I am curious if anyone has some information that might help me with this one.

On a side note my Camera is totally shot, when I try to open the Camera app it crashes the phone and restarts it.