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Thread: Color Your iPhone DIY Project

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    Default Color Your iPhone DIY Project

    Note:This project isn't for the light hearted. And I'm not responsible if you break anything.

    Things you'll need:

    *Duplicolor Auto Spray any color you want. I used white and red.
    *Duplicolor Adhesion Promoter
    *Duplicolor Clear Coat
    *400, 1000, and 2000 Grit Sandpaper
    *Double sided adhesive tape

    I had an extra bezel and back housing, so I didn't use the one on my phone. Its best if you use an extra one or else you're going to have to wait a couple of days with a bunch of phone parts.


    1. We'll start on the back case
    2. You have to sand the back with the 1000 grit first to remove the clear coat.
    3. Then wet sand it with 400 until you get rid of the scratch resistant coating on the back, this will remove the logo. You don't have to sand it this much but I would because you will still be able to see the logo after you paint it.
    4. Do the same for the bezel
    5. Wash and clean your parts
    6. With clean hands, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the phone
    7. Next prime the back part with adhesion promoter
    8. First coat of adhesion promoter then wait 15 minutes for the next coat then another 15 for the final 3rd coat
    9. Within 10 minutes of the last coat, do the first coat of the auto spray (it should be in thin coats, READ THE BACK OF THE CAN FIRST)
    10. Do another coat wait 15 then a last coat.
    11. After 3 hours, do a clear coat wait 15 and do another coat.
    12. Do the same for the bezel

    12. After 4 days, use the adhesive tape to connect the bezel. Its cleaner than super glue
    13. And then reassemble the phone, you can find instructions on to do that.

    Its also optional, but you can sand off the clear coat on your phone and add rubbing compound and polish it for awhile until you can start seeing a reflection. Afterwards add wax and polish it as well. It will end up looking like this, the left is how I have it and the right is with the sanding and polishing:

    The paint can chip since its not cured yet, its takes about a month to cure and since I didn't wait that long, I just put an invisible shield on it.

    Good luck guys! Feel free to ask any questions

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    very good write up

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    Very good
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    nice I might try it ^^
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