A long story all because of replacing the battery 5 times to get a good one! (2-from eBay, 1 from a previously good supplier, and after the second attempt from a local walk-in shop)

Connector #3 didn't survive the abuse. The flip-down lever is missing and now I can't make a reliable ribbon/connector connection. Of course the earpiece doesn't work.

Finally it's got a solid battery. Everything else works (calls, rings, wifi, ssh, Veency verified).

I hate having to use this with only the speaker or bluetooth headset.

Problem #2: I just tried to open the phone and take a picture of the connector .... but when I tried the screen/LCD assembly are not securely attached together. I lifted the bottom about 1/2 inch and stopped!!. Only the top glass moved, not the whole assy (digitizer, lcd, speaker) Uggg. Put it back down -- no damage. Darn, what are these backyard people doing to my iphone???

I need some expert help. Can anyone help? I'll send anywhere in US/Canada and pay a fair repair rate. It's time to call in the pros before these want-to-be's cause more damage.

Thanks all.

Black 3GS-32GB, FW3.1.2, BB 4.26.08