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Thread: Another new iPhone, another set of cases... AAAccckk!

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    Default Another new iPhone, another set of cases... AAAccckk!
    Thank you, Apple, for the lovely new iPhone 4. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy new cases. Thank you for designing a phone which makes it impractical to use it without a case, and thereby rendering all existing mounts and holders obsolete!

    Ok, so here's my challenge (which I will be emailing to Otterbox, Case-Mate, Incase, iSkin, Belkin, and Speck, Griffin) the first one of you to partner up with TomTom, Garmin, Joby, Arkon, Titan, Kensington, and any other maker of iPhone stands, brackets, docks, car mounts (with GPS, power, or nothing) and anything else which may need to physically attach to your iPhone (Steadicam Smoothee?):

    Produce a case for the iPhones -- ALL MODELS -- which provides a 'universal attachment method' for attaching the case to nearly any other kind of hardware.

    Background: After finally selecting a TomTom kit to use in my care for my 3GS, I end up selling my 3GS and getting a 4. Not a problem as there's a clever hack that mods the kit so you can use your iPhone 4 in it. However, as it turns out, using your iPhone 4 without a case is an accident waiting to happen. So you might use a bumper, or a gel case, or something beefy. All of these are a hassle to frequently remove and install as you get in and out of your car, or use in your home dock or stand, or with your Joby Gorillamobile, or... you get the idea.

    Why can't someone create some kind of connector on the back of the case, or design the case to be inserted in other mounts/docks/brackets/stands so I can just leave my iPhone in the case. Why can't these guys get together and create an industry standard, let's call it 'UMount', so that when I go to look for a case for my iPhone/Blackberry/Droid/whatever I just look for ones that are 'UMount' compatible, so I know they work with my dock at home. And when I go looking for a mount to use in my car, I just look for one which is 'UMount' compatible so I know it will work with my case(s).

    There could be thin gel-skins for your phone that are 'UMount' compatible that could then fit inside an Otterbox-like, 'armored', 'UMount' compatible case which could then snap into my TomTom GPS car kit and I wouldn't have to be continually pulling and pushing my phone in and out of cases to the point where I say, "oh, this will be quick: I'll just put my phone in my pocket since dealing with this whole case business is a pain" and end up dropping my phone and crying.

    That's just my dream... and my rant... apologies to all...

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    hehe i have the same idea

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