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Thread: iPhone 2g Battery Sim card problem

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    Default iPhone 2g Battery Sim card problem
    Hello all. so I have a iphone 2g 4gb that used to have a broken screen. I then replaced the screen and everything was working perfectly. Shortly after fixing the screen i dropped the phone and the home button became sightly unresponsive so i reopened the phone to to see there was a lose connection under the home button which i readjusted but while closing the phone back up a wire to the battery broke off both ends so i then needed to replace the battery which i then did. After replacing the battery and finally closing the phone everything worked perfectly including the new battery, new screen, and home button. And then the problem came. Once i insert the sim card the phone starts going crazy. if it is plugged in to the wall it goes on an infinite reboot loop. if it is not plugged in the wall the battery drains all the way down then it turns off and when i try to turn it back on i only get to the boot logo and it turns off. I really want this phone to work since i put so much time and effort into this and it seems like this problem can be simply fixed or at least i hope so.

    Sorry for the post being so long i just want to be as specific as possible. Please anyone with knowledge of this sort shed some light on my problem or if you have any ideas of whats wrong.


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    Can anyone help? Its has 150 views already and no one has any type insight on this?

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    the only thing I can think of is that maybe you put the battery connections (3 cables) on the wrong position... lets say if in the motherboard the one to the left is red, you put the white or something like that, or maybe the ground cable is touching something it's not supposed to and its causing short circuit. did you make sure the soldering was small enough to not touch the one next to each other and that they are not fat where they would touch the metal back cover??... I mean, I have replaced many batteries and motherboards and never had this issue, so I guess its a faulty connection.

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    alright thanks a lot for the suggestion ill try it out and post back later!

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