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Thread: iphone 3gs lcd + touchscreen problem

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    Question iphone 3gs lcd + touchscreen problem
    Hi all,

    I'm having a problem with one of my iphones, and would appreciate your ideas/suggestions to (maybe) fix it.

    The problem started one day when the LCD suddenly went white.
    I searched the web and one solution was to hard reset it (home + lock button), but after the first hard reset and several others following the LCD stayed black. Only a small light (backlight?) comes on when pressing the home or lock button.
    The touchscreen also doesn't work, but the iphone is detected by itunes, and the iphone vibrates when the silent button is switched.
    It also rings when I place a call to it, I just can't answer the call because I can't see nothing on the display and the touchscreen doesn't work even though I'm swiping the display around the area where the answer button usually appears.

    I then did a couple of restores (DFU mode) but the problem remains the same. I can also activate the iphone and sync it with itunes.

    Next I opened the iphone and replaced the top part (display + touchscreen + etc) with the top part of a working iphone but nothing changed on the broken iphone. The top part from the broken iphone works fine on the other iphone.

    Next I took out the logic board and left it disconnected from the battery for a full night but that didn't change anything when I put it back together.

    Now I'm on the 4th day of doing hard resets. I read on a forum that after several days of doing this the logic board (is it broken?) would detect the display, but I'm starting to get a little frustrated and wanted to get some other idea from someone else so any comments are welcomed.

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    sounds to me like your #2 pcb connector could be broken. that is why the touchscreen is not registering your touch. Im sure you have already tried, but just make sure that your #2 connecter is all the way pushed down and clicks into place flat.

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    Thank you for replying.

    Yes, I've checked the #2 connector and its firmly plugged in. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I've changed the top part with one from another iphone and both of them don't work with this logic board, but with the good iphone they both work ok.

    The #2 connector is for the touchscreen, but the problem started with the display, and I think the problem is related with the display.

    I've ordered some isopropyl alcohol and I'm going to wash the logic board and see if that works.

    I'll post the result here.


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    Hi again,

    Just posting an update to my iphone situation.

    I've washed the logic board with isoprophyl alcohol (dipped the logic board on a cup for 24 hours and brushed all the connectors with a toothbrush), but unfortunately nothing changed.
    Everything seams to work except the display and the touchscreen.

    I guess I'm going to give it a rest.


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