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Thread: 3gs and 3g problem

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    Default 3gs and 3g problem
    This is my first post here. This looks like a great board and look forward to interacting with all of you fine people.

    I have some phones I'm having trouble with.

    1. 3gs 32gb It is currently on the connect to itunes screen. Itunes does see it but says that there is no sim card in the phone and that I need to put one in and reconnect. Also when I connect to itunes the phone after a while will start rebooting itself. I have click on the i for the imei number and the iccid and they are unknown. Lastly I pulled the sim card out and the phone did not come up with a no sim card message on the phone. Any idea what the problem may be?

    2. I have a 3g 16gb that will charge on a home charger but will not charge or when connected to the computer. Itunes nor the computer will recognize the phone. The phone is also on the itunes screen to activate.

    3. I have a 3g 8gb phone that will connect to itunes but I get an error after every restore. I get error 6 or 9 most of the time. I have gotten the 16-- error before as well. The phone will not come on but it is activated and is seen my the computer and itunes.

    Any help is MUCHLY appreciated. I've look all over the net but can't seem to find a fix to my specific issues.

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    There is a simple fix for them, If you are handy with the things. The process goes likes this:

    You have to redirect your host files according to saurik. edit the host, you can find it in sauriks website how to do it. and then restore your iPhones and then use an AT&T or any phonebook sim card to activate your iPhone and den it'll surely work. Any more quires contact @Demon's Tech

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    Thank you! I'll google for Saurik's website. I have heard of it but I've never been there. I'll give this a try. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    Will it matter if the phones were not jailbroken? I know the 8gb was never jb. I'm not sure on the others.
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    naaa don't listen about any rumours. just go ahead there is nothing called no jailbreak, for now everything is jailbroked.

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    I'm saying the phones have never been jailbroken. Is that ok? Is there a step by step by step walk through on how to do what you said to do?

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