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Thread: 1st Gen iPhone Power/SW Issues - Considering Replacement of Bionic Battery Unit - Help?

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    Default 1st Gen iPhone Power/SW Issues - Considering Replacement of Bionic Battery Unit - Help?

    Hi all,

    Long time since I was on here. To the point--I have a 1st gen iPhone, 8GB with 2.2 software, Unlocked/Jailbroken, syncs with iTunes 9 on HP laptop running Win7 Pro.


    Multiple times per day, my phone will suddenly begin shutting down, usually when the phone is involved in labor intensive tasks such as writing or replying to emails, writing long texts, talking for long time on phone, and especially anything like downloading/updating apps.

    When I attempt to "wake up", apple logo remains for very long time without booting fully, and it eventually gives up and dies again. If/when I can reboot, battery is pretty much drained. Often, phone cannot reboot "unassisted". The only thing that helps is to plug the phone into dock and "re-energize" phone on AC power. What's odd--once the phone is juicing up, the battery will go from 5% red to green fast, then to 100% blue (I use a colored battery app, btw) in just a minute. So the problem is that battery does not maintain charge and drains quite rapidly if I "push" the phone with any task beyond just reading email, looking up phone numbers, or brief conversation. I can also use minor apps such as weather, text, iPhlix, maps, grocery shopping, etc. usually without problems (I suspect because those apps are used for short duration as well).

    I'm pretty sure the battery is just worn out and needs to be replaced. The nominal life for this battery was supposed to be 250 or so full charges, maybe 2 to 2.5 years and I'm pushing 3 now (I'll come back to this later).


    May or may not be related. Every time I try to reinstall or uninstall Saurik's 5 icon dock, I receive the following message:

    "Error: Prepare Archives
    Method http died unexpectedly!
    sub-process http received signal 9.
    method/usr/lib/apt/methods/http did not start correctly."

    I bring this up because the 5 icon dock program no longer works. I can't drag any apps onto the dock now. If I drag onto the dock, they just float back to the main screen. That's why I've been trying to reinstall/uninstall the dock program. Now, if the phone can be put into "Safe Mode", I can drag 4 (but not 5) icons back onto the dock and then reboot normally.

    Actually, I can no longer update or install any Cydia based program. For example, I want to install SBSettings so I can boot into Safe Mode. Haven't bought any Appstore apps lately, so don't know if those would work. But kinda' pointless since most want you to have 3+ version SW and I'm running 2.2.

    Okay, the software issues are probably not related to the battery dying, but it would be nice if someone could tell me how to fix the Cydia issue. I would try to reinstall the mobile substrate but I can't install or unistall anything from Cydia. Is there any other way to manually reinstall software, update/repair Cydia, or ... ??


    I wouldn't mind getting a v4 phone if I could do it without buying the stupid 2 year ATT contract (I use T-Mobile, love it). So it's really just a cost issue plus the hassle of customizing the v4 phone and making it feel like "mine" again.

    So I'm wondering if it would be more cost effective and less time consuming to just replace my existing phone's battery. Hey, I've had it since late 2007. That's 3 years of dependable service without paying for any upgrades, used prepaid all along so it's paid for itself probably 5 times over, and I'm kinda' attached to this phone. Anyway, I'd like to replace the battery if someone could guide me on this and wait to see what v5 or even v6 iPhones are like. By then, I'm sure ATT service will no longer have stranglehold on these great hardware.

    Okay, I need info regarding:
    1. Parts - Where do I obtain factory replacement battery for 1st gen iPhone? Reputable source and OEM parts only please.
    2. Procedure - What is the hands down best manual/tutorial available that explains in minute detail, step by step how to open this phone without damaging it, replace the battery (including how to solder it in correctly), and reassemble like factory new?
    3. Assistance - Anyone live in the Houston area who has experience (and good hands) at replacing 1st gen phone battery? I'd be willing to pay something affordable or trade services, and I'll supply the new battery if needed.
    4. Other Recommendations - I would consider just upgrading to v4 phone if there's a way to avoid the contract. I need help please with the error message/software issue described above. Feel free to add other comments (on topic).

    Thanks everyone, sorry this post is long, but I hope it leads to good discussion.

    Not even one reply??
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    Okay this is probably going to be along reply and in a weird order so bare with me please.
    First- You can always buy the phone out right by walking into apple or an att store 600-700 depending on the model/gig/
    Second-i would try and restore and rejailbreak the device completely that would probably help with the cydia issue and you can research but i believe you can update as far as you want and the is a jailbreak/unlock for all firmware on the 2g just back up you shsh files first using tiny umbrella.
    3- If you are going to replace the battery here is a good oem battery replacement Original Apple iPhone 2G Battery OEM - Apple iPhone 2G Spare Repair Parts - Apple
    4- The steps and tools you will need go as follows
    case opener tool or i use the back side of a razor blade
    small phillips
    soldering iron and solder
    I am not going to try and go through all the steps to disassemble the phone but direct fix on youtube has a good video.
    once you have the motherboard and battery out get the gun melt the solder off and pull the old battery remember the order of the colors the wires went.
    Now just solder the new one on reassemble the phone and your good to go.

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    Default Not sure what to do
    A few people have suggested that replacing the battery on the 2g is a real pain of a job. It would be worth it to me to avoid the "penalty clause" of buying a v4 phone in the store. The problems I see with replacing the battery include:

    1. Risk of damaging the phone
    2. Risk of losing important information (not sure which files to back up first using ssh)
    3. Hassle of restoring phone settings, apps, customizations after re-jailbreaking/installing firmware (plus, doing all that won't make any difference if the batter is worn out)
    4. Possibility that Apple will soon announce option to buy v4 or v4.5 phone without ATT contract

    What I really need to know is -- exactly how difficult will it be to install a new battery in 2g phone?
    Anyone in Houston area who has done this before and is a real sharpshooter with their soldering iron? I'd pay something nominal for assistance in this, or perhaps can trade services.

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    It's not hard a backing your phone up just even turning it off before you start will not make lose any files. And wither u get a new phone or restore ur going to have to rejailbreak any go through the hassle anyways

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    True, but if all I do is replace the battery in my existing phone, then I don't have to re-jailbreak. That's the "pro" or benefit of just keeping my same 2g phone. The "con" is the hassle of performing surgery just to replace the batter. If I were able to get a new v4 phone at normal price (no penalty), then I could jailbreak that one while keeping all my stuff safe on the old one at the same time, then update the v4 with the same contacts, apps, etc. until I can slowly bring it up to speed. Make sense?

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    Ok will figure out what u want to do then. I mean I told u all the info u need to know there is nothing else I can tell you. U looking at a 6 dollar fix or a 600 dollar fix.

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