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Thread: iphone 3g water damage

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    Default iphone 3g water damage
    Phone vibrate till it did not turn on ...

    2weeks past and i read in article here about washing the logicboard with alcohol. So i did....

    I got a cup fill it with in alcohol that is 50 water 50 alcohol. and deep it in their for in house. logicboard had alot of rust.. so i clean it with a tooth brush. So i put in a bag of rise to dry... put the phone back together so i was happy everything works,... but when the screen locks the phone does not stop vibrating i turn the screen off it stops.. turn the phone off stops. put it to charge it stops....any suggestions on what to do?

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    An iPhone that has been damaged by any liquid, the service is not covered by the Apple one year warranty or an Apple protection plan but the models that are built after 2006 are built in liquid contact indicators that will show weather the device has been in contact with the liquid or not. iPhone 3Gs has a indicator on the bottom of the dock connector housing.

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    You cant use 50% you shouldve used something closer to 100%. I got 99% alcohol for a water damaged HD2 and submersed it in the alcohol and it turned out great. I think part of the phone could be damaged cuz the alcohol you used had too much water.

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    Yeah i got it now... took me forever to find that alchohol but i did.. re did the 2 iphones i had work great and i decided to do my g1 and their all working normal now

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    Cleaning a water damaged phone with a mixture that contains 50% water seems kind of counterintuitive. Regardless, I would bet the current level of functionality is as good as it's gonna get. Further attempts to clean the board will probably do more harm than good. If it functions well enough to use, minus the vibrating, you could always remove the little bugger

    Just read your update. That's pretty surprising that it worked. Usually best results are achieved by cleaning immidiately after water damage occurs. Just how many water damaged phones do you have anyway?
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    yeah i can belief i fix it even the digitizer and the lcd by soaking them for a second and put them in a bag of rise. digitizer work and lcd black light came back on the g1 pretty amazing i was getting ready to post them on craiglist glad i did not i been working on this all day till now. and my cuzing got a nice g1 with no scratches because it was a day old when it felt in the pool. seeing a smile on his face priceless...I clean pools thats why theirs alot of water damage phones in my closet lolz...

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