I'm making a pretty awesome case, but I need a little help from some hardware gurus. The case will also function as speakers, and I don't know much about speakers....basically here's what I have already bought...from my local Radio Shack: 1/8" Shielded Stereo Phone Plug - RadioShack.com will be the part that plugs into the phone, and some 20 gauge stranded hookup wire in 3 colors.....basically all I have left to get is a speaker, right? Well I don't know where to get a speaker or what is too big....basically the only speaker provided at RadioShack is this one: 8-Ohm Mini Speaker - RadioShack.com
and it's too small (1-1/8") and only .1 watts... I'm looking for something bigger..I'm thinking that a 2 inch 8-10 ohm about 1 watt speaker would work great but I can't find it and I don't know if the iPhone could power such a large speaker without another power source...the closest thing I could find is here:http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/i...c=8&category=2 but it's 3 inch which is too big...can anyone help me find a 2 inch, and tell me whether the iPhone could power a speaker this big and if this size speaker will make any good sound (like would it be worth it...will it be louder than the iPhone?) Thanks in advance.