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Thread: Data recovery on the worst broken 3gs I have ever seen

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    Default Data recovery on the worst broken 3gs I have ever seen
    I had a friend come to me and I jailbroke his iphone a while back. He came back to me a month later and said I need you to jailbreak my new iPhone. I asked what happened to the old one and he said, "I got mad and threw it down on my coffee table." I thought that cant be too bad, it probably just broke the screen. So he says "hey it's in the car do you think you might be able to get a backup of my phone to recover to my new one". I said ok I will do my best. He brought this thing in and it looks like he ran over it then got out hit it with a hammer then stomped on it. Remarkably enough the board looks ok with no damage however most everything else is gone. looks like the usb/power connector is ok and the camera is ok. the battery looks like he tore it out of the phone though even though he said he didn't. He told me he would bring the battery back for me to work on it but has not. The ribbon is torn from the battery too because the other half of it with the connectors was laying in the phone. I took it apart and cleaned it up as much as I could but it is a mess. Not sure if the power button and everything else is ok. I hooked things back up including the busted screen and I cannot get the phone to show any signs of life. I tried hooking the board up in my 3g (not 3gs) and letting my battery make contact with it but no go there either. My question is. Does the phone have to have the correct battery connected when plugged into the PC for it to detect and allow me to backup the data? Any help on how I might be able to retrieve his data pics and such from the phone would be much appreciated.

    I am including some pics for all to see what I am working with. Remember, he said it was only thrown down on his coffee table.

    It is a 16GB 3gs iphone with 3.1.3 Jailbroken BB 05.12

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    Uploaded with

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    3g and 3gs batteries are the same. make sure your battery is charged and then put the board and midboard (charging dock) in. plug a screen and connect to usb. if it turns on then yes you can do a backup if not then give me the board and all the broken parts

    p.s your pics are too small i can't see anything.

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    Click the pic to see original size

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    I did but it just comes up as the small thumbnail that says 1200x1600 (size) on the bottom

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    Ok. Will redo later

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