I have a dilemma to choose headphone jack flex cable version between 821-0600-A or 821-0449-A.
I have an Iphone 2G 8GB without the original back cover to know which headphone jack flex cable version is supported. but i have other back cover from Iphone 2G 16GB that I dont know if its damaged (821-0449-A) the issue is the buttons not responding (power on/off and the volume + -) also the Iphone speakers not working, but when im connecting the Headphones the speaker starting to works without the headphones no sound.
But if I'm connecting the flex cable upside down the speakers starting to work but the buttons still not responding.
I order a new headphone jack flex cable but dont know which to choose that my Iphone supported.
Could any one can tell me which version come with Iphone 2G 8GB? its from week 37 one of the first Iphone version.