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Thread: iPhone 3G touchscreen problem

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    Default iPhone 3G touchscreen problem
    Hi guys,

    I have a problem, I bought a used iPhone 3G off ebay for 220 ($280?) which was stated in excellent working condition, however when I received it half of the touchscreen will not work.

    After contacting the seller he refused that there was a problem with it when he sent it out and that I was trying to scam him, any way long story short I couldn't get a refund and am now stuck with trying to fix this.

    I have scoured all over google and found it was most probably the digitiser, so I bought a new replacement screen+digitiser and followed the guide on replacing it.

    After replacing it still has the same problem, the bottom half of the touchscreen will not respond to touch yet the top half will, so this rules out the digitiser.

    I'm really not sure where to go from here, please can someone help me on fixing this problem as I'd hate to think I paid all that money for a brick.

    Tried giving the connectors a clean but didn't have any effect.

    I think it's either connector 3 or 2 which transfers information from the digitiser?

    Took a few pictures to how the inside of it, dosen't look damaged to me

    With connector 3 attached:

    Any help you can give will be invaluable.


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    Alright, i typed like 3 paragraphs hit post and got denied so im not going to re-write but in sum it went like this:
    1. Guy ripped you off, if it's not too late make a claim, DEMAND your money back!

    2. Try restore to 4.0 firmware (unlock+jb out already)

    3. Make sure its making contact, click it in with your finger until you hear a good SNAP! Otherwise its probably not in all the way.

    4. Send it to me, if your in the U.S, and ill identify the problem and fix for only cost of parts to promote my iphone services me for more info (Don't wanna get warned for

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    Default same issue
    Hey, I got the same issue... I replace the touch screnn and will not work, restore it, clean it etc... do you think it can be the mother board??? or did you find a solution extra for thia??? thanks

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    Did you replace the entire glass and digitizer and LCD? You might need to do that if you didn't.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe part of the connector port for I believe it's ribbon 1 is broken (I think ribbon 1 is for touch function, if not then I'm talking about the one for touch function).

    If you replace screen+digitizer+LCD and it still doesn't work, it's probably the main board then. But I wanna say I doubt that. All I can say is, try replacing what I said or sell the phone as is and start over again. Somebody will probably by it for $100 or something...

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