Hi everyone!

I'm a real newbie when it comes to all this, but have managed to Jailbreak my iPhone 2G, which was given to me by a friend who was on O2. (Firmware 3.1.2)

I currently have a Virgin UK contract and after jailbreaking and unlocking it all worked fine! I even had Native MMS for 2G so i could send pics and I could access internet/wap without wifi.

I only did this a week ago and it was running like a charm up until yesterday when the wap/internet stopped working and now i cant sent mms (even though the camera logo is still there etc).

There used to be a small blue dot next to the 'Virgin' network name, but now it has completely dissapeared!

Ive tried rebooting, reinstalling, re-jailbreaking, re-entering mms/apn settings etc everything I can think of!

I even put my sim back into my old phone and i can access wap/internet on that fine. :'(

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time!