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Thread: screen not responsive anymore

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    Unhappy screen not responsive anymore

    I have/had a jail broken 3.12 that all of a sudden the screen went non-responsive. After turning it off. Rebooting 3-4 times, letting it fully charge etc, it still is really flaky. It sometimes accepts the slide, then that is it.

    Anyway, I restored to 3.12 as I have my shsh on file at cydia. Now with new OS, and no jailbreak as I cannot really get on, it still does not respond.

    On Apples website the troubleshooting pages say before I bring it in, I should update it to the latest OS. If I bring it into Apple will they ask me to update it first before they take a look?

    Thanks for any response.

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    Are you still in warrenty? And are you on AT&T? They may update it when they restore it.

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    Its the digitizer which is a hardware failure.

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    I am in Canada on Rogers and it is under 1 year. According to Apples website when I typed in my serial number I have the standard 1 year hardware warranty and it is still under warranty. Until July 2010 that is.

    Do they replace the screen or the whole phone? Should I put 3.1.3 on first. I just read I could use spirit jailbreak after it is fixed as I do not need an unlock. It is just I have been very happy with blackra1n and would rather not upgrade to 3.1.3 if it is not necessary.

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    Normally they will just swap the screen assembly out.

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    Thanks for all the replies. After letting it charge AGAIN, but this time to 100% percent and letting it sit there as iTunes updated the library after updating to the new version of iTunes. Took over 3 hours to update the library. Anyway the screen now works. I did not update to 3.1.3, though like I said it is now not Jailbroken but still on 3.1.2.

    I had already booked an appt with the Apple store for 10:40am this morning. Probably will still go in because through this event I ended up removing my screen protector and what I thought was a mark on the screen protector I now realize is really a dead pixel. I ran through that flashing webpage to fix frozen pixels and it must be dead as it did nothing. It is also black. So I might as well go in, explain what happened, show them the dead pixel and see if they will replace the screen. Might as well do it before I jailbreak again.

    Thanks for all replies.

    Just back from the Apple Store. Weird thing is on the way to the store, my sleep button acted a little weird, sometimes not responding.
    Anyway, when I arrived I told the guy that about the screen touch problem and what it took to solve it, showed him the dead pixel, mentioned the sleep button issue and also mentioned that I seem to need to charge at least twice a day to keep the phone going.

    He used a little flash light to look in the headphone jack and the charging jack and mentioned that there were indicators that showed it came in contact with water. I never, ever dropped it. Over the months it might have got slightly wet with rain. Never a down pour and I had it next me to while taking the sun yesterday, and I was sweating, which I mentioned to him.

    He said that he needed to take it into the back to open it up and see what was going on inside. He did mention that if the inside indicated lots of water contact that the warranty is void.

    Anyway, he came back and said it was only 1 of the 2 indicators that showed water contact and he would replace the whole iPhone with a new one. At no cost.

    So in the end I got a new phone and hopefully no more problems. Thank god they have a new jailbreak as it now has 3.1.3.

    I think now I will buy that extended warranty from Apple as it looks like it would come in handy.

    Thanks for all the responses.
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    the phone was locked due to ram deficiency. You were probably running at like 8mb of ram, normal usage is like 120. This happened to me too.

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    It couldn't of been a RAM deficiency problem as I had rebooted it at least 3 times and did a complete OS restore. It was only after it sat in the charger for about 3 hours that it recovered.

    Based on what the Apple tech said, I bet I sweated on it too much. I am surprised it did not take much for it to react that way. He says it takes 6-10 drops of water to change the colour of the water indicators and 1 of them changed.

    Anyway, it is now doing a restore from backup. I started it at noon and at 1:15pm, it was still going. Still left it running when I left for work. I do not understand why it takes soooo long, but I did not want to stop it.

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